How to Choose a Storage Box, Purchase Guide and Method

There Are Too Many Things in the House, There Are Things Everywhere, and I Can’t Find What I Want to Use. There Are Many Storage Tools in the House, but It is Still Very Messy, and in the End Storage Tools Also Take Up Space. in Order to Solve These Problems, I Have Sorted out 5 Practica

1. Choose According to Different MaterialsPlastic MaterialTry to Choose Pp Material, Which is a Durable and Environmentally Friendly Material. ,waterproof and Dustproof. Thick and Durable, Non-toxic, Safe to Store, Suitable for Storing Clothes, Children's Toys, Books, Shoes, Seasonal Items, Etc., Also Suitable for Camping, Fishing, Outdoor Equipment and Other Items, Home or Office, Storage Room, Outdoor and Other Use ScenariosBamboo MaterialThe Bamboo Weaving Material is Light and Has a High Appearance. It Can Be Used As Home Decoration to Store Some Toys or Relatively Small Items. Because the Storage Box of Bamboo Weaving Material is Not Very Large and the Items Are Limited, the Disadvantage is That It is Not Waterproof. It is Suitable for the Coffee Table in the Living Room and the Bedroom. Bedside Table Etc.Fabric MaterialThere Are Also Many Kinds of Fabric Materials, Such As Non-woven Fabrics, Oxford Fabrics, Canvases, Etc., Which Are Suitable for Storing Seasonal Clothes, Quilts, Sheets, Towels and Other Items. They Can Be Placed in Bedrooms, Closets, Wardrobes or Under the Bed According to the Capacity. 2. Select the Storage Box According to the Required CapacityThe Size of the Storage Box is Generally Determined According to the Actual Needs. It is Not a Very Large Storage Box. for Example, to Store Cosmetic Lipsticks, This Storage Box Should Be Exquisite and Small, and It is Best to Rotate, Such As the Storage of Clothes. Box, You Can Choose a Slightly Larger One. 3. Choose a Multifunctional Storage BoxIt is an Advantage to Have a Wide Range of Storage Items. It Can Store Both Clothes and Toys. the Storage Boxes That Can Be Used at Home, Outdoors, and in the Office Are More Selective, Because with Changes in Family Living Habits, Some Items May Temporarily Need to Be Stored. of Course, Sometimes It is Necessary to Choose Different Storage Boxes According to the Characteristics of Some Items, So Choose a Storage Box with a Folding Function As Much As Possible, So That It Will Not Take Up Too Much Space when Not in Use. 4. Do Not Choose a Round Storage Tank. Sometimes, We Are Attracted by the Beauty of Various Round Storage Boxes, but in Fact, Many Times, when These Round Storage Boxes Are Put Together, There Will Always Be Gaps. the Process of Stacking Storage Boxes is a Bit Like Children Building Blocks. Square Boxes Can Always Be Put Together Tightly (saving Space), and Are the Most Stable Even when Stored in Multiple Layers. 5. Choose Solid Color, Decorative EffectWhile Collecting Sundries, It Can Also Play a Decorative Role. Try to Choose Solid Color, White, or Apricot Color. You Can Also Choose Other Colors According to the Home Decoration Style, but It Must Be Clean and Solid Color, and Try to Avoid Patterns, Broken Flowers, and Cool , Cute and Other Patterns, Because in the End You Will Find That the Styles of Various Storage Supplies Are Not Uniform,Putting It All Together is a Disaster. in Addition, with the Changes in People's Aesthetics, the Once Popular Has Gradually Become a Strong Local Flavor. White or Apricot Color is Still Very Strong After Many Years in Line with My Aesthetic, and It is Very Harmonious when Stored Together. the Light Color System Itself Will Not Have a Sense of Depressing Space, and It Looks Clean and Tidy. I Like This Bins with Wooden Lids Very Much. It is Beautiful and Practical at the Same Time. It Can Store Various Personal Items and Can Meet Daily Needs. It Not Only Stacks and Folds, but Also Has Convenient Handles and Wheels at the Bottom. It is Convenient for You to Move the Box, if You Need You Can Also Visit at